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My new socks are great - they fit really well and the merino wool makes them very comfortable.  I've used them a couple of times running already and they are definitely helping with circulation and recovery. - Alicia

I just bought 2 pairs of socks from you.  I got home an put them on, thank you so much, the difference for me is day and night.  I walk with no limp and it doesn't hurt.  - Connie

Hi, Absolutely loved the socks, my legs felt great going and coming back (9 hours flight). - Jovette 

The socks are amazing ! I did a 5 day backpack into Assiniboine and was the only one with no foot complaints... Blisters, sore spots. - Janice

Hi, I have worn all of the socks that I ordered and think they are just great.  So much better than the previous pairs I have ordered from other companies.  They fit nicely and have a nice thick foot­part so I don't have to wear regular socks over the compression sock.  They are also much more fashionable than my current socks.  I have already recommended your company to a couple of other people.  The prices are so much better as well. Cheers, Rick

Angelika's knowledge about Pulmonary Embolism and compression socks is vast as she has done her research with a scientific mind asking the right questions to suppliers and manufactures. I have purchased many of her products for both myself and family members this last year. I can honestly sat that she has taught me so much and I love her products. They are comfortable, easy to care and her customer service is the best I have ever experienced. - Kathryn

I absolutely love the LEGEND compression socks. They have just the right amount of compression to train and race with; not too much and not too loose (you know that careful balance of compression socks). 
I really struggle with swollen legs when I travel; my legs just do not like to sit still. The LEGEND compression socks are also really good for travelling, where I can put these socks on top of some other, tighter, compression sleeves. -
Sometimes you just want to wear your favourite socks. The LEGEND sleeves let you have the best of both worlds. I often find myself wearing these on the track, just for some additional calf support or after a hard speed session where my legs are a little tighter. -
Plantar gone tight? The Sockwell plantar ease socks provide the ultimate support for your plantar through the day. Unlike some other socks, which can eventually make your feet feel fatigued, these ones offer support through the day, but not where you want to rip your socks off. I have used these in workouts with tired and tight feet and walking around. And to everyone I’ve loaned them too with plantar issues, they’ve loved them too! -