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Skiing in JAPOW - There's a smile in your future

I wasn't sure what to expect when I was first told that I was going on a ski trip to Japan. I thought... WOW Japan, that is so amazing or "sugoi" (the Japanese word for amazing). It was indeed sugoi, as the snow was fantastic, the people warm and welcoming and the experience unique.  I took an 11 hour international flight to Tokyo, connected on a domestic flight to Sapporo before boarding a resort bus to Niseko. I also made sure to wear my compression socks for the journey, for walking around and for skiing. This is the story of my JAPOW, a smile filled tale of snow, food, more snow and epic skiing.    Let's start with some general information about...

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Eiffel Lake to Wenkchemna Pass Hike

With a couple of friends and a beautiful day on the horizon we decided to make the trip to Moraine Lake to explore the Wenkchemna Pass Eiffel Lake hike. This hike is a little less travelled than some other hikes in the area such as Moraine lake lakeshore or Larch Valley ( but you will not be disappointed by the views. The trail starts at Moraine Lake lodge where you will be treated to a spectacular array of colours in the lake’s water and the quintessential canoes, all situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. You will need to arrive early to start this hike as it is 20 km return and the parking lot gets very busy. Canoes...

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Saving Lives and Looks with Fashionable Compression

Local entrepreneur starts fashionable and functional compression sock e-retail site after brush with death. Blood clots. These two words often conjure up infirmary-type images— dimly lit hospital rooms and the bedridden elderly. What they rarely drum up is the picture of a vibrant young woman at the peak of health and athletic performance. But for Angelika Goncalves DaSilva, blood clots are a very real factor in her active life. And not so long ago, she nearly paid the ultimate price to one. Alarm Bells in Moab Back in the fall of 2006, then 28-year old Angelika and her now husband Kent were closing out the mountain bike season in epic fashion—with a 10-day trip through Moab, Utah’s fabled canyon terrain....

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Fun Fibre Facts

Socks can be made using various textiles and we want to share some fun fibre facts. Merino wool – Is the fibre obtained from a specific lineage of sheep. The Merino breed was originally from Alentejo in the south of Portugal (1). Today Merino sheep are found in various regions of the world, with Australia being a leading producer, and their fleece is still considered to be the finest and softest of any sheep (2). Wool is different than hair or fur because it is crimped, it is elastic and it grows in staples (clusters) (3). These unique properties of wool make it ideal for spinning and also provide some of the basis for it use in the manufacturing of...

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