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Friendship Agreement

At Sockology we want to be more than just a transaction destination. Sure it would be nice if you visited, found a great sock, bought that sock, received that sock in the mail and loved it. Perhaps that is enough for most places but our goal is to offer more than just a transaction. We want to build a strong bond and a community of friends that are just as passionate about life and the positive impact we can all achieve when working together. As such we offer the following friendship agreement to outline our goals in being good stewards to our community at large.
1. Good Friends are Real and Honest is a labour of love by Angelika. I started this business because of my own personal experiences and a desire to talk openly about the value of compression socks. I have survived two pulmonary embolism (PE) and wear compression sock as a lifestyle choice to help prevent any future health issue. I am an active person and I enjoy biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. I don`t enjoy ugly socks nor being referred to as grandma when wearing them.
With I am trying to build a community that understands what compression socks are about and how using compression may aid in your lifestyle choices. I cannot honestly say that everyone`s experience will be the same using compressions socks nor will I make promises about what you might experience. I will endeavour to provide relevant material that will inform you about Compression socks and their value. As a friend I will communicate with you respectfully and honestly.
2. Encourage other Friendships wants to build a community of people that work together to educate and facilitate a broader understanding of compression socks and their value. As such we encourage other friendships. Maybe you had a great experience finding information on a blog, let us know at and we will reach out to them and see if they wish to join our community. Maybe you had a great experience with a different brand of compressions sock, let us know. Sure we would love everyone to buy our compressions socks but more then anything I want my friends to be happy, so just let me know what makes you happy. I can `t promise that I will be able to get that sock, but I will try.
3. Respect and Trust
We are building a business on respect and trust. We both have to trust in each other in order to achieve a mutually beneficial experience. You are putting a lot of trust in me and I take that seriously. I will not provided any details about my friends to others and I will not treat anyone in a manner that I would not wish to be treated. I respect your opinion and I trust that you will communicate it to us. If you have any issues or if you see anything that is negative about, please let us know at
4. Respect Boundaries
We all have boundaries and would like them to be respected. It is our goal to make sure that we respect our friends boundaries. If you don`t want to join a newsletter we won`t force you to.