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2014 Fall Fashion - Are your socks ready to support you?

Fall has only just begun and 2014 autumn fashion trends are already taking the streets by storm the world over. Mind you, 21st century fashionistas are not easy to impress, but designers have gone out of their way to make this season’s pieces so cheerful, figure-hugging, warm and vibrant, that it’s not surprising to see so many following the fashion flow.

Particularly enticing this season is the fact that fashion designers have deemed accessories worthy of a bit more attention than usual. Multicolored shoes and socks, especially, have been seen trotting up and down the runways, demanding respect. And so they should, since - let’s face it – winter will only grow colder and colder. With that in mind, we’re urging you this fall to rock the sock. But not just any old sock…oh, no… none other than the compression sock. So, put a little spring in your step as you rock your fall runway.

If you’re wondering how to match the compression sock to your fabulous new Fall 2014 wardrobe, let’s break it down for a thorough examination.


Fabulous Fall Dresses

You’d most certainly agree that dresses should not be worn on top of trousers, because the first go with hosiery and the latter go with socks. Kenzo and Giorgio Armani beg to differ, and it’s good that they do, because this is where compression socks and stockings come in. They’ll complement your dress beautifully with vibrant colors and they’ll keep the blood flowing so that the chilly autumn gales don’t wear you out.


Modern Take On Fun Patterns

Everyone remembers the polka dot, checkered and rainbow socks of yesteryear, even fashion designers. It seems they’ve decided to go back to basics and to pull the swinging ‘60s out of darkness and into the spotlight. Take a modern touch on this 60’s trend with a stylist compression socks, you could wear these colorful beauties with a classic jean combo.

Over-sized knits and chunky sweaters

Larger-than-life knits offer warmth and comfort as the days gets chillier. Wearing a knit sweaters looks even better when paired with a leg hugging pair of compression sock and a sexy boot combo - keeping warm without compromising style is a win-win.

Tremendous shorts

You are aware, no doubt, that fall often brings a warm breeze that offers the perfect opportunity to rock a sock and short combo. You get to show off your legs and wear high heels while transitioning seamlessly from day to night with temperature regulation and style all-in-one. Let’s face it you’ll be banking on those legs to draw attention, because it’s not time to cover up just yet.



If you've been waiting for the chance to wear flashy sneakers all year, then your time to shine has finally come. Designers seem to agree that we all need comfortable footwear, and have opened the floodgate to multicolor mayhem. We don’t need to tell you what that means for compression sock rockers across the world. If you’d like to join them, make sure the socks match your outfit and join some friends on the trails.

No matter what fall style you’re rocking, make sure your socks are ready to support you.


Sockology Inc. would like to thank the following people for their support:

Melissa for modeling
Anne-Marie Chantal (Diplomate at Global Wealth Trade Corporation) for some Posh by Feri accessories
Photo shoot location: Bowmont Park, Calgary, Alberta